3D assessment of rockfall hazard and risk mitigation


RocPro3D is a professional probabilistic 3D rockfall software to evaluate and mitigate rockfall hazard.

Land use planning

RocPro3D makes it possible to assess rockfall hazard (via hazard maps) before planning the development of infrastructures linked to economic activity.

RocPro3D can help to dimension the protective works required to protect the assets, linked to the construction of infrastructures (houses, buildings, transport networks…).

Extractive Industries

RocPro3D can be used to evaluate the rockfall hazard after each cutting sequence or phase in order to protect workers and the industrial infrastructure.

For all your rockfall studies, exhaustive 3D rockfall simulations will help you.

3D rockfall software for professionnals


3D modelling at your fingertips with RocPro3D, thanks to its user-friendly interface that allows to carry out full and fast trajectometry analyses from scratch.


Designed for professional use, RocPro3D includes all the tools necessary for 3D trajectometric studies, from pre-processing to post-processing, allowing the user to concentrate on his core business. 


RocPro3D has been innovating for two decades, taking into account feedback from professionals, anticipating their needs and proposing new solutions.


We have a range of customers worldwide, including design and technical departments, mining, railway and freeway companies.