3D assessment of rockfall hazard and risk mitigation



May 1st, 2019

The RocPro3D patch version (5.7.3) is available for download.

RocPro3D – Release 5.7.3 – (01/05/2019)

1) Meshing of raster DTM :
– Mesh creation of the raster DTM (.dem and ESRI .asc) is greatly optimized in terms of speed and also in terms of quality of the produced mesh (only regular faces are now created,
whereas this was not the case with previous versions).
– This optimization requires to create the mesh directly after importing the DTM.

2) Blocks sources settings :
– The ranges of values (Min,Max) resulting from user-specified variations of parameters (probabilistic computations) have been added to the “Sources settings” dialog (for information only), to make their use easier.

3) File .stat :
– For each protection, addition on the file of :
• its 2D geometry,
• the min and max values of the blocks mass and volume that reach or fly over the protection.

4) Properties of the selected protection :
– In the dialog “Protection statistics”, addition of :
• min and max values of mass and volume for blocks that reach or pass over the protection.