3D assessment of rockfall hazard and risk mitigation



November 10th, 2021

The RocPro3D patch version (5.7.9) is available for download.


RocPro3D – Release 5.7.9 – (10/11/2021)

1) Export of discretized trajectories :

  • In addition to the possibility to export the profile of an individual trajectory for the selected block on a *.ptraj file (already available in previous versions), it is now possible to export all discretized trajectories (with respect to time) on a ascii *.traj file (see the corresponding check box in the “Preferences definition” dialog).

2) Correction of sliding trajectories on horizontal faces.

  • In the case of portions of sliding/rolling trajectories on strictly horizontal faces, the interaction with the protections could be incorrect. This problem is now corrected.