3D assessment of rockfall hazard and risk mitigation

Managing rockfall hazard in open pits

Mining industry operates under the constraints of time sensitivity and economic imperatives. Open pit mining poses inherent safety risks such as the potential for slope failures, rock falls and other hazards associated with working in open pits. Production stoppages due to unforeseen geotechnical problems can have far-reaching financial consequences.

In the past, mining professionals relied basic visual inspection of cracks and the use of tape measures to monitor their expansion, to assess safety of workers and infrastructures. These observation were the first clue of a potential slope instability or rockfall. 

Nowadays, the field has evolved dramatically. Sophisticated technologies such as radar and laser systems now provide precise deformation measurements with millimetre accuracy, but also hight DTM resolution. These new technologies provide geotechnical engineers with detailed information that enables them to predict slope instability and rockfall with greater accuracy and foresight, using 3D modelling.

Due to his multiple functionalities, RocPro3D helps geotechnical engineers to managing mining operations with a better knowledge of rockfall hazards and design protection measures, if needed.