3D assessment of rockfall hazard and risk mitigation



August 24th, 2020

The RocPro3D patch version (5.7.5) is available for download.

RocPro3D – Release 5.7.5 – (24/08/2020)

1) Updates :

Update of the library Fox-1.7.60 to Fox-1.7.71.

2) License :

Removal of the hardware license.

3) Bug fix in the calculation of the intersection of the trajectories with the protections:

For the portions of trajectories (i.e. in 2D for each segment separating 2 impacts) which intersect a net protection and intersect the DTM boundary, a bug produced the apparent stopping of the trajectory by the net, regardless of its capacity. The problem was visible in the 2D, 3D and Profile views of the trajectories. This issue is now fixed.

Note : The analysis of the trajectories on the protections was nevertheless correct.

4) Correction of the display of the selected trajectory (“Analysis” tab) :

When the trajectory of a block was selected in the 2D view (“Analysis” tab), a bug could occur in rare cases, which led to an erroneous display of the profile of this trajectory in the 3D, Profile and Graphs view of the trajectories. This issue is now fixed.

Note : the trajectory computed for this block was nevertheless correct.

5) Creation of surface sources :

When creating a surface source by closing a pre-existing lineic source (2D view), the created source did not have the surfacic type. This issue is now fixed.

6) Improvements of topo backgrounds import under tif format :

After importing some images (topo background) with tif format, they could appear as being reflected with respect to the x-axis. This issue is now fixed.